Nights In Her Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

Nights In Her

Every time the thought sprouts in my mind,
I recall a path at the back of my mind,
A path that leads me back to her,
In a different world far off where lights shine at night.

Within her tables are laid for drunkards, robbers and murderers
Her warm breath attracts all by her path like a strong magnet
Her talk many have heard as afar off her praises scatter
So kings, poppers and the lay ride on horses, from afar west and east eager to find her.

With pounding nostalgia I recall nights in her, crickets wailing in the dark
My boots heavy with dust, as I proceed to enter this land of the living cursed
Nights in her igniting passions
Her enchantress beauty, her cultured paths
Chimneys and diamond alleys on her neck

Nights in this small town and the moonlight shining from above,
High above the roof for this was more than just the passion,
Never did I let her feel any guilt for the sons she has sired
For in none of them could she find pride

Even with the sixth sip of wine on their lips
the strangers in her, can't tell whether her alluring smile is for forever
they sip and dip their lying tongue to clobber her with promises
and utter praises stemming from their lust

Nights in her are never cold
the monsoon wind blows over the bristle roofing
her tenderness is a soft spot many love to prick
at times I fear, that's all left of her
Is a deserted rusty space, a town down in ruins.

I recall nights in H.e.r, in empathy, sympathy and nostalgia no words can describe

Monday, February 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: genesis
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