########## No Way To Live Poem by Rafique Farooqi

########## No Way To Live

Rating: 2.8

When everything was at stake
I was unable to hold on my dreams 
For the primitive desire
That still lingers on
The fossils of primates
Though that life is forgotten tale
With passing of time
I  will never abondon my sovereign traits

As I stay in a closet
With no noise and no voice
And no step will be getting closer
To the door
Just when I stare at the roof
I see no sky 
which is kind enough
To keep me as uttered voice 
In the silence of  deafness

The laws which hold
This universe intact 
Suffer the Cruelties of the time
Waiting for the end of the days
Prone to the judgment 
Reaved on settlement 
Where no one fits to survive 
No one claims to yonder through 
The luxuries of life 

Like the dire wolves 
It is bitter to be remembered
A forgotten way of  desert
Straying and waiting for promises
Longing for inborn sovereignty 
Paralyzed by inaction
Where defining moments can be mortifying 
From the self-inflicted suffering 
With a privilege to necrosis 
And ongoing decay.

Konjit Berhane 30 April 2011

Wow...nice poem..i love this part especially Like the dire wolves It is bitter to be remembered A forgotten way of desert Straying and waiting for promises i can never express like that....Love it..keep it up

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Rafique Farooqi

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