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* Life

Rating: 2.7

Keeping with precarious existence,
life moves with,
inertial steps,
to do a little,
When soil soaked with tears,
weekend breaths smelling foul,
steep wall standing ahead,
Opaque dream overnight,
thunder storm roaring aloud,
One desire of hunting beast,
blowing bruite in the ears,
Paining corns on feet,
and journey.
make me tired

Miriam Maia Padua 28 January 2010

Very true... Life is...like that... You have shared with the reality of life...great message Sometime, we cant help questioning...is life really like this? ...Why? But this is life.... after surviving, we will feel that life is beautiful....and worth-thanking-for... honest words written from an open heart.... 10+++ Maia

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Ejaz Khan 16 October 2009

Life is not an easy experience, it's a mixture of pain, pleasure, strive and a lot of other things, very tiresome at times, very temptive at others, very beautifully written, very giving write, Rafique!

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Catrina Heart 09 October 2009

In life's journey, from all the struggles and pains we encounter, at the end.... sometimes we feel so tired to fight to the tides feeling hopeless from all the storms, subsequent tragdies makes us hopeless........ yet we still try harder much harder to fight and survive! ! ! great poem.......10/10

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 09 October 2009

blowing bruite in the ears, Paining corns on feet, and journey. make me tired y awhenlife seems to beburden and precarious withs all sorts problems thenyou loose patience and path seems long/... you feel completely exhausted and tired...well conceived idea of life.....10

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