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November Blues

Rating: 5.0

What is it about November
that always gives me the blues?
Is it the sky, heavy as sin
or is it the wind that seems to whistle
through the caverns of my skull?
Is it the earth, once warm and loving
but now grown hard and cold? Is it
all the fallen fruit that lies
and rots upon those grassy places
where I tread? Everywhere there is

the decadence and hush of dying leaves —
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A. B. 21 November 2005

Ain't it cool that you have November though? I think those blues make you wonder about life and your purpose on this planet and if it were not for those november blues, you wouldn't have enjoyed the sunny and happy days. It's a cool poem Pete. Peace.

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Linda Hepner 09 November 2005

If you didn't have November you would be searching for it Peter! Here in LA we don't get it... Expresses what I felt when I lived in it... here in LA I miss the Hardyesque weather to go with the mood. So... a poem

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Konjit Berhane 09 November 2005

a very cool poem by a very cool poet. well it is nicely expressed and done. keep up the good work peace

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Uriah Hamilton 09 November 2005

A very good poem and I hope you do cheer up!

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Ulrike Gerbig 09 November 2005

i like that one very much! u.

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