Ode To A Man With A Soul Poem by Walter W. Safar

Ode To A Man With A Soul

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A man whose mother is freedom
Is never bound by solitude
- because those whose spirit isn't free is alone in the crowd,
and those who spirit is free is never alone, not even in solitude -,

A man whose mother is conscience
Shall leave an indelible trace in the sands of time,
Because everybody leave a trace in life,
The size of the light that emanated from their souls
While they were alive.

A man whose mother is justice
Is a lighthouse to those who are wrecked in the ocean of human desire,
Because when you feel someone else's suffering as your own,
You will never be an invisible drop
In the immensity of the ocean of human desire.

A man whose mother is love
You can perceive in the golden ray of the sun,
See in a falling star,
In turquoise love verses spread by the poet's soul below the sky dome,
When new hope is born on the horizon,
You can hear it in the wise whispering of the wind
Travelling the path of dreams from the beginning of time,
In the glittering drop of rain trembling on a young rose's petal
- offering itself to the new day -
In the angelic sound of the violin bemoaning the entire world,
Held by an old maestro walking towards his demise,
In the harmonious beats of magical music,
When it flies on the wings of love from heart to heart,
In the silent, yet passionate tear that sees its dearest off
On their last voyage
- Regardless of whether it is the biggest or smallest funeral procession,
A tear is still a tear -
Because love is God's most merciful gift to humans,
- The magic land of harmony, the only one from which we cannot be expelled by anyone -.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: soul
Savita Tyagi 20 January 2019

Lovely poem. Love is the best gift to us from God....

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 11 August 2018

So many positive thoughts about this human life and its cherished goals. Great poem.

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Gillian E Shaw 23 January 2018

Thoughtful. Wise. Thankyou I enjoyed it.

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