Ode To Victor Hugo (81) (The Miserable) sunshine Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

Ode To Victor Hugo (81) (The Miserable) sunshine

By Freeyad Ibrahim

That day floods from beginning to end
with sunshine,
in the sky, there is not a stain of cloud
All nature seems on holiday
Scent rises up from the lawns of Saint Cloud
In front of such a scene
Who could claim it was not fine
Leaves and branches flutter in the river breeze
Bees pillage the clover
A riot of butterflies over jasmine hover
Hover over Milfoil and white oats
And the king of Francs Noble Park
Is occupied by a host of vagabonds, the birds,
Released like humans for it is no more dark
Relaxed under the bright sky without cloud
For describing such beauty there is always
A Lack of words, the mind fills with daze
These are life delights, the sun brights
A good fairy who ordered the fields
and trees expressly of young hearts
Gazing tenderly at her lover
Favourite, Fantine's friend, said:
I adore you,
I cannot sing
Or flutter without you
What would you do if I stopped Loving you?)
Her Beloved asked her.
Me? she cried,
I Come after you
beat you
scratch your eyes out
have you arrested!

Fryad Hugo
(Dutch Writer, Novelist)

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