Guy De Maupassant Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

Guy De Maupassant

Rating: 5.0

Bt Freeyad Ibrahim

One of the great figures in the history
He is still a phenomenon, a mystery
Suffered a lot, afflicted with calamity
calamities made him celebrity
Guy du Maupassant, well- known as the Sun
Miserable, wretched, number one
He himself wrote of himself:
‘I have coveted everything
But taken pleasure in nothing.'
His father used to bite him madly
and treated his mother cruelly
His father's love affairs, illegal relations
behind the back of his mother,
regardless of his reputations
made both of them hate him
made them hate and underrate him
The boy once has written to his mother
with a lot of irritation and bother
‘The mistress of the school
has promised me to reward me
and it seems to me to award me
I don't know, above the school-rule.'

In his later years after he became famous
So he was always brilliant and genius
he developed a constant desire for solitude,
wanted to be alone rude, and crude
an obsession for self-preservation,
and a fear of death and paranoia of persecution.
Maupassant tried to commit suicide
by cutting his throat,
and was committed to the private asylum,
far away


Nosheen Irfan 22 January 2023

A great tribute to a great writer. Beautifully penned.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 23 January 2023

Pleased to hear these nice words from you dear Nosheen---great writers were and are always sad, mad...sick, 'A great Sadness makes Great Souls)

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Freeyad Ibrahim 23 January 2023

I Feel GREAT that poetess Nosheen finds it GREAT...remember that all greatness suffered a lot, only the madness is associated with happiness. The more you know, the more miserable you are.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 22 January 2023

Your great words nice Nosheen are a great tribute to me too..."That's really kind of you to say! Thank you! "

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 22 January 2023

some illigal worldly affairs make someone very hopeless to the life and sometimes it seems that they think they don't find any meaning to live here on the earth! greatly depicted by the good poetic diction.

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Freeyad Ibrahim 22 January 2023

to count- correct-sorry

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Freeyad Ibrahim 22 January 2023

I feel proud by your words--great gratitude --this kind of writers I call Great Sad, his examples are too many to counr, I have once collected them under one text(Calamities Make Celebrities)

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 January 2023

The name is still Guy DE Mauopassant, Sir. Thank you for your attention. A chaotic life, all worst occurrences happened in his very sad life. An amazing portrayal is presented here. TOP Score 5 Stars, dear Freeyad.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 February 2023

He is the best FRENCH short story writer, there are at least 25 best short story writers in the world (USA)

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Freeyad Ibrahim 22 January 2023

corrected thanks---glad that you feel find my heart & soul product find you know that Maupassant was the master, and the best short story writer---for example his (The Necklace) is a matsterpiece

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