Of Veils In Deserts Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Of Veils In Deserts

Rating: 2.3

Two lice were living on the belly
of a good-looking, though quite smelly
Afghani woman in the hills,
they did not have the bathroom frills
that Yanks expect so they are dirty,
which does not stop them being flirty.

A soldier who was very skilled
and not too eager to get killed
told all the natives that they should
get body piercing if they could.

What better way to be a mensch
and thus distracted from the stench.
Amani had a goldring fitted
upon her belly which permitted
the lice to play their silly games
they'd jump and call each other names,
the loop was there to jump right through
'twas reminiscent of a zoo.

Word of the body ornament
soon went around from tent to tent.
And all the natives did have bugs
which, during friendly desert hugs
jumped off into the sporting grounds
from which emerged excited sounds.

The girls now watched as all the lice
moved down the hoop into what vice
would see as the restricted zone.
They fastened to the pubic bone
the jewel for their games of fun,
when out of nowhere came a nun.

She looked upon the devil's game
and told the girls about the shame
that they, through sleaziness, had wrought
until they all were quite distraught.

The penalty, so was agreed
would be, to hide for life, indeed
their faces under heavy veils
and she who even one day fails
is punished like Lot's wife by God,
through fire from his lightning rod.

So, now you now why Muslim races
hide all their desert women's faces.


Twenty out of ten for individuality in an excellentlly crafted, witty and utterly politically incorrect piece (thereby achieving honesty rather than farting around) .

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Gina Onyemaechi 21 June 2006

That'll do me, Herbs. Thanks. And I couldn't agree with you more on the point of people who exploit religion for their own evil ends being the ones to despise rather than religion itself. I've also seen you poking fun at your fellow Germans. I just needed reassuring, Herbs. G.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 21 June 2006

Gina, I have never fallen for the crap of political correctness. While I have occasionally submitted to the temptation of using the 'race card' to score points, I have never considered myself a racist or something like it. I would as easily (and have) make fun of my Krautbuddies and anyone who cannot accept this is to be felt sorry for. No religion is a matter for ridicule, it's always the people who deceive and destroy. H

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Gina Onyemaechi 21 June 2006

As long as you agree that Afghans are NOT a bunch of wild barbarians and that the Islamic faith is far from being a matter of ridicule, I'll smile at this, Herbs. If you do not agree (as is your prerogative, as if you needed me to tell you so) , then I will not smile. G.

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