Off The Rainbow Poem by Kayode Are

Off The Rainbow

Rating: 5.0

Many rainbows have I seen
None I sought on my own
They seem to cross path
With my soul on its raft

Have glimpsed the finery of a rainbow
Beholding the curve of its shadow
Wondering always about source
Never able to truly follows its course

Have seldom seen a rainbow streak
In moments of idleness or calm
Only after rumbles or a freak
The sky its color stridently stream

Have seen rainbows north and south
They differ but their beams are same
Unfurling for brief moments many colors
Like a peacock flaunts its feathers in vanity

Have chased after the rainbow
Seeking the pot of gold at its base
The further I chased the swifter the mist
Blowing finery into wispy cloud

Once in a rainbow I nursed ideals
As a green stripe in the muddle
Of an ephemeral posse of ideas
As the fringe scuttle a sound middle

Many rainbows have gone by
But none has warmed my heart
The colors may lift the sky
But their deception pains the earth

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Edward Kofi Louis 26 May 2016

None i sought on my own! Respecting the ways of nature. Nice work.

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