Keeping On Poem by Kayode Are

Keeping On

You can reach beyond yourself
If you keep on dreaming
You cannot scale the lowest mound
If you dare stop climbing

You can sketch grandiose plans
If you keep on thinking
You may not enjoy the fare
Except you keep on working

Can you make heavens fall
Just by mere wishing
Or hope to earn a sumptuous pie
If you keep on loafing

Can you make things better for all
If you keep on grabbing
Nothing makes the estate worse
Than to keep on looting

Take the pressure off your face
If you keep on smiling
The burden presses you down
If you keep on frowning

Those around can feel the warmth
If you keep on caring
Save yourself the guilt of hate
If you keep on loving

Issues that touch the heart
Make you feel like fighting
Would you then refuse to act
For the dread of losing

You cannot make the problems fade
If you keep on fretting
But you can make the burden light
If you keep on pushing

You can leap over the height
If you keep on daring
Expect the odds to rise
As you keep on winning

No matter what you think you know
You have to keep on learning
Nothing broadens the mind the more
Than to keep on listening

You may roam among the stars
If you keep on browsing
But cannot reach the treasured place
Except you keep on striving.

Sunday, August 23, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: endurance
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