Kayode Are Poems

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Across Horizons

Heaven splays its hues and tones
We streak into a mist unknown
Hearts pounding with spirit askew
Stiff! The metal bird slicing through the clouds

All In The Name Of God

Many seek with greed
A worthy cause to bleed
Rooting for personal hoard
Plunder! in the name of God

Did I Know

My mother's litter
Had a dozen and one
But did I know I had no brother
Until adversity drained my bone

When The Storm Rolls

The irate wear the garb of thunder
Raging and raving in turbulent anger
I don't grovel I don't grumble
Calmness strains against foible


From the mobile set, words flow in a torrent
As the voice on the line teases and stirs a current
I want, I want, it seems to plead, in a seductive tone
Tossing pleasant traces of ecstasy across the phone


Tomorrow has to pay
For the pain I feel today
Reeling from the torment of yesterday
A place where duplicity pays

Keeping On

You can reach beyond yourself
If you keep on dreaming
You cannot scale the lowest mound
If you dare stop climbing

A Luminous Shadow

Have been there a few times with fright
Over the Himalaya of myth and self-doubt
Flying stridently but with no goal in sight
Above the deserts, oceans and mounds

The Heat Goes On

A promising lad falls
Just like a football player
Crippled by a vicious attack
Fair or foul the game goes on


Why stare at the sky
in expectation
Why bray and fray
in frustration

Error Success