Kayode Are

Kayode Are Poems

1. Dainty Saint 4/2/2015
2. Rain Drain 6/4/2015
3. Keeping On 8/23/2015
4. A Luminous Shadow 8/31/2015
5. The Heat Goes On 1/29/2016
6. Sky-Gazer 1/29/2016
7. Diamond Eyes 1/31/2016
8. Love Alive 1/31/2016
9. Wanting 3/13/2016
10. Jazz Jiving 3/17/2016
11. Murmurs 12/18/2016
12. In Lust 1/16/2017
13. Debris 2/10/2017
14. Adrift 4/28/2017
15. When The Storm Rolls 5/30/2015
16. Debtor 7/19/2015
17. Did I Know 3/28/2015
18. Off The Rainbow 4/2/2015
19. All In The Name Of God 7/19/2015
20. Across Horizons 4/2/2015

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Across Horizons

Heaven splays its hues and tones
We streak into a mist unknown
Hearts pounding with spirit askew
Stiff! The metal bird slicing through the clouds
And the pliant resistance of fluttering mist

We rise above the mist into clear skies
To see grey cloud mushrooms skittering
The nascent sun hits dawn's dew
Grace! The glimpse of light and a calm silver sky
Visible for many miles, creating a sense of bliss

A stubborn pocket of air crosses our path
In spite of the translucent ambient clear sky
The vessel shakes in fits and hearts throb in fear
Bumps! We ...

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When The Storm Rolls

The irate wear the garb of thunder
Raging and raving in turbulent anger
I don't grovel I don't grumble
Calmness strains against foible

The quarrelsome spoil for a fight
Pelting the righteous with odious slight
I don't grovel I don't grumble
Sanity strains against trouble

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