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Heaven splays its hues and tones
We streak into a mist unknown
Hearts pounding with spirit askew
Stiff! The metal bird slicing through the clouds

Many seek with greed
A worthy cause to bleed
Rooting for personal hoard
Plunder! in the name of God

My mother's litter
Had a dozen and one
But did I know I had no brother
Until adversity drained my bone

The irate wear the garb of thunder
Raging and raving in turbulent anger
I don't grovel I don't grumble
Calmness strains against foible

From the mobile set, words flow in a torrent
As the voice on the line teases and stirs a current
I want, I want, it seems to plead, in a seductive tone
Tossing pleasant traces of ecstasy across the phone

Tomorrow has to pay
For the pain I feel today
Reeling from the torment of yesterday
A place where duplicity pays

You can reach beyond yourself
If you keep on dreaming
You cannot scale the lowest mound
If you dare stop climbing

Have been there a few times with fright
Over the Himalaya of myth and self-doubt
Flying stridently but with no goal in sight
Above the deserts, oceans and mounds

A promising lad falls
Just like a football player
Crippled by a vicious attack
Fair or foul the game goes on

Why stare at the sky
in expectation
Why bray and fray
in frustration

She rolled heads with her eyes
Pulsating a dreamy look that promises more
Her pupils were almond but her thoughts diamond
Narrow until dilated by the world she eyes

A reflection of the self
as it wanders, illuminates a shelf
in which we cram the emotions we feel

As the music rolls by
Its message seeps in
With its sonorous lullaby
It creates joy within

Murmurs fuel the mind
Nuggets of wit rare to find
No harness could check
Nor restrain it sensitive trek

to music we gyrate
as its euphony elate
electric vibes wails
thralls giddiness to sail


Feel pain see no gain
Mountain of ills brew disdain
Wall fell and blocked pathway
Shards of concrete and clay


Home is not where my heart is
Trawler of highways and motels
Fishing the spark of an amorous smile
Straddling waves to catch echoes of love

Drenched by the rain as they train
Rains no drain on the strain
Muscles ripple wit in pain for vigor
Guarding sovereignty with ardor

Many rainbows have I seen
None I sought on my own
They seem to cross path
With my soul on its raft

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An investor with background in public service.)

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Across Horizons

Heaven splays its hues and tones
We streak into a mist unknown
Hearts pounding with spirit askew
Stiff! The metal bird slicing through the clouds
And the pliant resistance of fluttering mist

We rise above the mist into clear skies
To see grey cloud mushrooms skittering
The nascent sun hits dawn's dew
Grace! The glimpse of light and a calm silver sky
Visible for many miles, creating a sense of bliss

A stubborn pocket of air crosses our path
In spite of the translucent ambient clear sky
The vessel shakes in fits and hearts throb in fear
Bumps! We waffle through space timidly
In awe of the imagined turbulence ahead

Streaming through the skittering clouds
In the shimmer of the ascending yellow moon
Flashes of receding sun glimmer hazily
Hush! As slices of perceived horizons conflate
Lush grass with the rumble of a slithering torrent

Heaven splays its hues and tones
We ride into calm weather and bliss returns
Floating on a bed of ivory cloud with occasional bumps
Crashes! The sudden drop of altitude with heart in throat
Buried in an envelope of hope upon which we drift

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To achieve glorious end through treachery Is like magic The end of those who thrive through treachery Is often tragic

What you want sometimes you do not get What you get perchance you may not want

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Kayode Are Popularity

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