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An investor with background in public service.

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Across Horizons

Heaven splays its hues and tones
We streak into a mist unknown
Hearts pounding with spirit askew
Stiff! The metal bird slicing through the clouds

All In The Name Of God

Many seek with greed
A worthy cause to bleed
Rooting for personal hoard
Plunder! in the name of God

Did I Know

My mother's litter
Had a dozen and one
But did I know I had no brother
Until adversity drained my bone

When The Storm Rolls

The irate wear the garb of thunder
Raging and raving in turbulent anger
I don't grovel I don't grumble
Calmness strains against foible


From the mobile set, words flow in a torrent
As the voice on the line teases and stirs a current
I want, I want, it seems to plead, in a seductive tone
Tossing pleasant traces of ecstasy across the phone

Kayode Are Quotes

18 March 2016

To achieve glorious end through treachery Is like magic The end of those who thrive through treachery Is often tragic

27 March 2016

What you want sometimes you do not get What you get perchance you may not want

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