Beach Girl

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The Sea Girl

When I was just a little girl
They brought me to the sea
I waded out as waves unfurled
Their salty gifts on me

Seaweed, shells and whole sand dollars
Were strewn along the shores
Each a gem of ocean wonders
Formed on soft sea floors

As years flew by and she grew tall
She never lost her passion
Most nights she'd hear the ocean call
And dreamt of wild waves crashing

The sea girl couldn't shake the call
Salt water coursed her veins
Returning to the old sea wall
She felt her heart unchained

Miles and miles of endless sea
It took her breath away
The blue, the blue, oh it does scheme
To drive one quite insane

Thunderous and angry waves
They threw themselves ashore
The aqua hues grew dark and grey
The rain drops she ignored

She ran down to the water
And lay upon the sand
The pleasure that this brought her
Caused rain and tears to blend

The drumming of the thunder
Became a distant song
Soon there was just a murmur
The raging storm was gone

When she awoke and gazed about
She found herself entwined
Seaweed and shells her form did tout
Gems from the sea, her finds

Beach Girl Comments

Khairul Ahsan 08 April 2020

Dear Beach Girl, please post some new poems. You have a pair of 'poet's eyes' to see things and describe.

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Sochukwu Ivye 24 October 2017

Each of your poems gives itself to the senses but something beyond itself to the mind. More grace, 'beautiful' poetess.

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Nika Mcguin 24 February 2014

The mermaid poetess herself, there's nobody who writes better about, or loves more, the beach. Still, she is more than seashore poems, she has a talent not easily matched for spinning poetic verse into silk! ~Nika

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Goldheart Bird 25 September 2013

Ms.Beach Girl, You are one of the best friends i have in PH. I always send to tons of messages, (I guess sometime i'm annoying) But you always reply with a warm message back! And I love all your poems! P.S Please check weekly on my poems! I normal would have 2 new poems every week!

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