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Oh, Teacher! If You One Day Become My Student!

Rating: 3.9

Oh! Teacher, Oh! Teacher,
If you, one day, become my student,
and I become your Teacher.
Before I teach you
I would bring the magic stick
to turn difficult lesson
too easy and systematic.

I would go from the road of America
to the kingdom of Athena

to change the pedagogy
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Makhosonke Dhlamini 16 January 2012

Beautiful thinking a great poem

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Wabi Sabi 15 January 2012

I think I like it very much. Life has so much unknown things to learn, which I always wonder. Reading this, I felt myself having found someone like me. And I got encouraged.

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Kelly Radomski 14 January 2012

Love this poem....Bravo! !

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Rony Sk 14 January 2012

poem's subject is so good.i like it very much.............

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Hiralal Patil 12 January 2012

good composing dear Abdul..

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Raj Arumugam 09 February 2012

an enjoyable and very readable poem, Abdul...the humor is great and there's a very deep message in your poem...

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Martin O'Neill 25 January 2012

I would enjoy dining with you one evening Abdul. It would be a most entertaining and enlightening meal, I am sure. Next time I am in West Bengal I will be sure to look you up.

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Sara Tehrani 24 January 2012

Wow... what a beautiful written poem with ideas ive never come across before in writing, there for very original. As im actually pursuing to become a teacher I was drawn to this peom immediately. Lovely imagerys and powerful emotive concepts.

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Harindhar Reddy 21 January 2012

Bingo! Thrill and drama accompanied with music while read your of heaven's quality. Hello! I am also a teacher but you ideas to teach is shaking my wheels (heart) and rocking my globe (mind) ....... Here I demand you to write poems like this! Thumbs up Wahab bhai!

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Otteri Selvakumar 17 January 2012

you are not only teacher good poet

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