Oh, Teacher! If You One Day Become My Student! Poem by Abdul Wahab

Oh, Teacher! If You One Day Become My Student!

Rating: 3.9

Oh! Teacher, Oh! Teacher,
If you, one day, become my student,
and I become your Teacher.
Before I teach you
I would bring the magic stick
to turn difficult lesson
too easy and systematic.

I would go from the road of America
to the kingdom of Athena
to change the pedagogy
to bring the Heuristic
project of John Dewy.
Before advising one social moral quality.
I would advice you to visualize one humanity.

To live
and let live
in harmony
explaining the bases of
Economy, sociology, philosophy,
biology and Psychology,
of education for Perfection.

I would believe you before you believe
impossible potentiality.
I would push you before you push
To cross the limit without difficulty.
I would put you in on the vessel
and set off to sail
to make an unknown Voyage,
till you get the light of horizon
return is forbidden,
for you.

Unwritten Soul 20 December 2011

Telling something for nice advices also is like a teacher, as teacher is to tell and advice students...and whoever here entitled as teacher to read this, wow you are being their teacher, our teacher for this lesson....so for you Wahab, thank you teacher...now we all here as your readers and also as your students :) _Unwritten Soul

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Indira Babbellapati 06 January 2012

hahaha...enjoyed reading student perspective of a teacher...i should rush to find what mine think of me!

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Champs Ulysses Cabinatan 07 January 2012

very nice subject for a poem. ;)

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Vijay Sai R 11 January 2012

wonderful poem..a tribute to teachers and students...

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Life Goes On 11 January 2012

cheers to student-teacher relationship! !

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Raj Arumugam 09 February 2012

an enjoyable and very readable poem, Abdul...the humor is great and there's a very deep message in your poem...

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Martin O'Neill 25 January 2012

I would enjoy dining with you one evening Abdul. It would be a most entertaining and enlightening meal, I am sure. Next time I am in West Bengal I will be sure to look you up.

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Sara Tehrani 24 January 2012

Wow... what a beautiful written poem with ideas ive never come across before in writing, there for very original. As im actually pursuing to become a teacher I was drawn to this peom immediately. Lovely imagerys and powerful emotive concepts.

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Harindhar Reddy 21 January 2012

Bingo! Thrill and drama accompanied with music while read your of heaven's quality. Hello! I am also a teacher but you ideas to teach is shaking my wheels (heart) and rocking my globe (mind) ....... Here I demand you to write poems like this! Thumbs up Wahab bhai!

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Otteri Selvakumar 17 January 2012

you are not only teacher good poet

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