On Patriotism (An Acrostic) Poem by Dr John Celes

On Patriotism (An Acrostic)

You love your motherland –
One, where you were born and nurtured in
Unknown ways, most miraculously.

Love your Motherland with heart and soul;
Only your own country is the safest for you;
View its landscape, gorgeous and beautiful;
Every fellowman is your brethren.

You must be proud of its rich heritage;
One shouldn’t forget how freedom was got;
Unite against forces that separate;
Repay your country’s love by sacrifice.

May be, your country is not very rich;
Only its culture is so remarkable;
Traditions must be followed with pride;
Honor your national flag;
Every citizen is duty-bound;
Religions shouldn’t serve to foment fights;
Love the soil that feeds you all through life;
Astound the world by your patriotism;
Nothing’s more sacred and valuable than your Motherland;
Die, if need be, for your country’s sake!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 8-29-2008

Joseph Poewhit 29 August 2008

Poem has a lot of real tryths in it

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Ency Bearis 29 August 2008

an amazing acrostic verses, well written with powerful deliverance of patriotism... Ency Bearis

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Carl Harris 29 August 2008

It is not often one reads a well-written acrostic poem, Dr. Celes, one in which the written words of the poem mean so much and do not serve as merely a front to disguise the allegedly 'hidden' message that the first letter of each line, when put together with the others, spells out. Your poem is well thought out and on a very meaningful subject to nearly every reader. No matter what country one may be from, a person should always be proud of his nation and heritage. This fine poem stresses that fact most beautifully and effectively. Carl.

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Dr John Celes

Dr John Celes

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