On This Night Poem by Raymond J Wright

On This Night

Rating: 5.0

On this night
candles light this ballroom
drape the faces of our friends
in golden warmth
you in your black tuxedo,
almost all that I can see
now we speak these words
we make these vows
forever and a day, and
I cry these tears of joy
these tears of happiness
you hold my hand, tell me
you’re in heaven
you are in love with me
this night
they come in love
they come to bear witness
they kiss us and hug each other
champagne and laughter
dancing and singing
the song he sings for us
could bring us to our knees
you with your arm around me
swing me across the floor
and I hold you tight,
steal a kiss at the bar
my friends and yours
tell their tales
all the fears we laid upon the alter
now laid to rest
this night and forever
I am in love with you

Francesca Johnson 21 November 2006

I went to a gay wedding recently, it was just as you described it. Beautifully written and I hope you stay together forever. Sending congratulations. Love, Fran xx

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Sebastian Sandok 18 November 2006

Awh a beautiful story told splendidly, May the dim glow flicker forever more. S.S. Sandok

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