Ashley Willson

Once Upon A Summers Eve... - Poem by Ashley Willson

Once upon a summers eve', as i pondered in my dark reverie
Upon such thoughts that left me, alone and confused
Whilst i lay, besides the thorns, suddenly i heard a horn
As if it were some early morn, a morn to be enthused
I sat up, alone and confused

Surely I would recall, if indeed it were early Fall
When every ceiling and every wall, was decorated and used
Quickly i checked my phone, as if a small chance i could loan
Some time to make it home, before i was accused-
For my lateness and tarrying, to stand before my door accused
forgiveness once again refused

And once again the sound struck me, picked me up, grabbed me, shook me
Leaving me hopeless, terrified and bruised
To still my heart a'fluttering, I lay there quietly muttering
'T'is a Demon, of which the angels have persued,
Lucifer's Demon, of which the angels have persued'
needless to say, the tension far from defused

Suddenly I grew bravour, hands held high, asking God's favour
'Lord! ' said I, 'A Demon whom your love refused! '
'I heard him as i lay by the thorns, and suddenly i heard a horn
As if it were some early morn, a morn to be enthused'
'At first i thought it human...Is it some Demon persued? '
The silence from the sky still oozed

In the silence i stood listening, as the stars began their glistening
Thinking things my mind had once refused
But alas no word was spoken, thus the silence was left unbroken
Until it was only the wind joking, whistling past my ear
'Nevermore' it seemed to whisper directly into my ear
'Nevermore? ' I asked, and the night slowly transfused

Around me darkness spread, slowly filling me with dread
Once again i heard the horn, and I was before the Lord accused
'Once again you humans, bring yourself to dark reverie'
'Have I not given you enough to be enthused? '
'Is it some fault of mine that has left you confused? '
I just stood before Him bemused

Suddenly my heart grew bolder, and in myself I felt older
and His judgement i soundly refused
'Its not a question of what you gave us, or a question of your love,
But a question of your children, and how they leave us empty and used'
The Lord said simply nothing, sitting there subdued.

He began to see our problem, and with it he smiled solemn
That life is full of the confused
So slowly I made my way home, my pathway in life now clearly shown
So while my heart maybe bleeding, bursting with untold feeling
I take comfort in the simple fact
That you, are just as confused

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 1, 2011

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