Emo Kid Poem by Broken heart emo

Emo Kid

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I sit in the dark corner all day long
Just writing my life's song
Why am i always so confused?
Why does everything wrong happen to me?
My life is nothing put pain
I cant handle any more misery
People ask me why im always depressed
People think im messed
Some even say Im werid
But I dont care what people think
They dont know what Im going through
My life is nothing except difficult do you know?
I cut myself free the pain
And alittle happiness is what i gain
No one knows me
But i am an EMO! !

Shadow Girl 22 August 2011

Sometimes the we are so numb the only pain left to feel is physical pain..which makes u glad u can at least feel something. SG

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hey i adore your poems iam one of your fans i did some emo poems but they are not published in poem hunter.and you are not weird. i used to have the same feelings. all people do have pain but differs from one person to another. those who see you weird are more depressed than you do.: D i hope you read my poem

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Kieran J96 24 August 2010

u should be proud of who you are. in my school pplz treat emos like theyre weirdos, frieks! but your your own self thats whats important. 'emo's tend to be more caring and thoughtfull than most people, thats what i think anyway. be proud of who you are

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Adam Fuller 07 June 2010

I'd like to share with you a poem that my friend wrote for me, which quite frankly got me out of my stage of depression: What patience a candlestick maker must have, Hour after hour, day in and day out, Pulling the candles that start out as strings Attached to the stick in and out of the wax. I bet he has time to sit and reflect He must be very wise Unless He sits in his chair by his candles all day, And only he thinks how he wastes his life away. Be happy, be wise! Look what you've got - A whole lot more than a whole other lot! Be grateful, be patient, and one day you’ll see How great your life actually turned out to be. I used to be emo myself, really, but I realized that everybody has problems in their lives, and only the strong people who are able to withstand them can find true happiness. Which is the place I'm on my way to now.

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Kat Byrd 04 March 2012

I know exactly how you feel....

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Kieren Adams 07 May 2015

i can relate to this as a fellow emo. shunned by others and a life of poblems.

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Madison Ann 22 June 2012

Couldnt be any better i know exactly what you feel like

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Madison Ann 22 June 2012

Couldnt be any better i know exactly what you feel like

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Madison Ann 22 June 2012

Couldnt be any better i know exactly what you feel like

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Emo Rocker Girl 14 April 2012

I know exactly how u feel, this sums up my life as well. This is a very beautiful poem!

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