One Chance Poem by David Harris

One Chance

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Why do we abuse our bodies,
when we are young,
with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs,
and eating too much food?
We never see the consequences of our actions,
until it is too late.
By the time some of us realise,
we are passed the point of no return.
Those who get a warning, a second chance,
had better listen and take heed.
Teach the young the lesson.
We only get one chance,
better to learn it while your young,
than never learn it at all.
You only have one life,
better live it to the full.
Don’t desecrate your body,
you’ll need it when your old.

12 October 2007

x... x... 14 October 2007

Getting old myself, at least the years say so, although I still feel and unfortunately act like a kid, I am taking to heart your poem....I don't smoke and am not a drinker unless out to dinner or out with friends but those are not the only habits that can do us in......Another and it's a big one is STRESS, David, so take it easy and get completely well soon.......You may be ill but your words are still coming out, marci.xo

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 14 October 2007

Well you see my friend, we think we are going to live for ever then, nothing bad will ever happen to us, it's the other guy that gets it not us, ...10

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Angel Smith 14 October 2007

I like it! ! Check out my poems, maybe youll like mine too. Im going to look at some of your others, Good work! !

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David Harris

David Harris

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