One Final Letter Poem by Amy Kerswell

One Final Letter

This my final letter.
A letter of the end.
A letter that says goodbye.
A letter with answers.

Im sorry, relly i am.
Dont be mad or sad.
I couldnt cope with it.
Couldnt live life.

I had to get off the bumpy ride.
My life was over long ago.
Abused attacked used and raped.
Evil laughter all around me.
A sound that never goes.

Theres your answer
If you really care.

Let me go now
dont cry for me
Dont grieve for long
in the wake of my suicide.

Im so so so sorry
but this is the final goodbye.
I couldnt leave without an explination
I had to give you the reasons why.

Now the razors deep in my arm.
The pills are swallowed deep in side.
The blood is pouring from me.

Now im dead and cold
Stiff and limb.

I had to go
I just had to go
I didnt want to go
What else was I to do?

My very last
And final goodbye
Im gone now
No longer a lifes burden.

Please dont cry for long
Im gone
Im gone

Its the final good bye

Ronald Stroman 29 May 2006

also... read my poem i posted the other day. called 'Ms. Treated.' take care.

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Ronald Stroman 29 May 2006

the universe has a plan for you. i don't honestly think, its the one you may... have in mind. re-evaluate that situation. the sun doesn't shine everyday for us... if we keep all out thoughts in-doors.

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