Mary Angela Douglas

Oops! I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole - Poem by Mary Angela Douglas

oops! I fell down the rabbit hole
in my poem
Hello Alice, lovely dress the
perfect shade of blue I
was sent to warn you
I wish I could have
warned myself

now we're plummeting
past the rabbit's
stop! I want to
read the titles so
I can find them
when I wake up

there's going to be
a tea party - you'll
be sitting at the
table in your party dress
but you won't feel invited
despite the pink cake
in the middle of the table
you won't get a slice
no matter how nicely you pour tea
you ask too many questions

and you won't have a moment
to yourself, even if you
other people will utilize
your tears on the spot this is
that kind of dream you
can't wake up when you want to,

but the door to the garden
once you get through
just stay: on the still point of
a turning world that makes no sense
like a jewel-box ballerina when
the music ends

remaining you by barely breathing
so that at the last
you'll be
unperceived and bounce yourself out of

their false rose frieze

mary angela douglas february 2008

Topic(s) of this poem: Childhood

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