Optimist In Me Poem by Pallavi Tripathi

Optimist In Me

Rating: 5.0

How easy it is
For us humans to
Die. It's as if
Death is keeping
A close watch on us
To keep us humbled
Yet how easily we
Ignore it. We make
Plans for eternity
Promising forevers
With strangers

We are in a loop
Of routine that
We follow everyday
How many times we've
Bathed and brushed
Our teeth can be
Easily counted
And accounted for
In an average

We do everything
To ignore or move
Past the reminders
Of death and ageing.
Those who die
Remain alive
In our heads and
Sometimes in our hearts
We all in some ways
Set to do things
That will help us
Do the same- remain
Alive in someone
Else's mind, prolong
Our lives- the thin
And thick of it.
Be it our closed ones
Or complete stranger's lives

Our icons tend
To remain in
Hearts and minds
Of millions. Yet
Millions can be
Destroyed in a
great war. An Era
Can be ended in seconds.

Human nature-
How much of it
Has changed and
How much of it
Remains the same
Can be judged from
The fact that our
Existence is only
Two minutes long
Compared to other
Universal entities
And yet we are
Creating a range of
Another new beings
In robots and AIs.
What will be the next
Step in our evolution
Is a question and quest
Many tend to answer
In different ways
Broadly, will it be dust
Or will it be hope
For a better tomorrow
Our children will
Be living in simulations
Much before they actually
Live a real life or while
Living one.
They may live different
Lives in one, they
Will have all our wisdom
Stored as a data
And will be capable
Of allvthe stupidity.

Yet the choice between
What to wear and what
To ear baffles me the most.

I turn to optimism
In moments like these
May permutations and combinations
Of our choices and actions
Lead us to better tomorrow
I pray.

M. Asim Nehal 22 May 2023

Very interesting poem, nicely conceived and written.5*****

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 22 May 2023

A fabulous poem, offering interesting insights. Thank you for sharing.

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