Our Eyes Poem by Jim Yerman

Our Eyes

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When we gaze upon a rainbow and marvel at it’s artistry
Our eyes enjoy the totality of the beauty that we see.

When we gaze upon the mountains...trees and peaks that rise so high
Our eyes enjoy the panorama as it stretches across the sky.

When we gaze upon the ocean, we stand in awe of its magnitude
Our eyes attempt to comprehend it’s vast infinitude.

When we see a photograph on the wall...a portrait of a family
Our eyes tend to blend the faces into a harmonious symmetry.

To take the isolated sights we see, to record and analyze
Then show us the whole picture...is the essence of our eyes.

They synthesize the aspects of our life, the big, the vast, the small
Allowing us to enjoy everything...from rainbows to portraits on the wall.

But occasionally it behooves us to look more intimately...
To step back and enjoy the specific parts that make up what we see.

We spent some time with Taylor one of four grandchildren with whom we have been blessed.
Just he and us together...apart from all the rest.

Doing this allows our eyes to take a little peek...
And focus on the characteristics that make him so unique.

When we do this quite abruptly it seems our life is rearranged
As the view from inside our eyes has somehow altered...somehow changed.

All of a sudden when we see a rainbow our eyes begin to entertain
The beauty that’s created from one little drop of rain.

We see the individual trees that form the mountains rising up across the land
We see the single ocean droplets as they flow along the sand.

We understand it is the individual pieces that give a picture it’s soul
That there is as much beauty in each individual, as there is within the whole.

I had to smile when we dropped Taylor off and it was time to say goodbye
You see I noticed the family portrait on the wall...through more explicit eyes.

Sunday, April 27, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: family
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