Our First Thanksgiving Dinner Poem by Jim Yerman

Our First Thanksgiving Dinner

The first Thanksgiving dinner in the New World was held in 1621
That feast lasted three days before the Pilgrims and Indians were done.

So it only seems appropriate that Deborah and I, though it won’t make us any thinner,
Joined Aden at his school yesterday for our first of 3 Thanksgiving dinners.

Here’s a little bit of advice for the school, if you want your students to thrive
They should learn lunch is eaten in the middle of the day, not 10: 25.

We met Aden in the cafeteria and, for us, nothing can ever replace
The joy within our hearts when we saw that smile on his face.

Is there a better feeling in the world than when your eyes first search then zoom
Finally landing on your grandchild waving at you from across the room?

Aden led us through the serving line and his enthusiasm never ceased
As the lunch lady handed each of us our first Thanksgiving feast.

This being a school cafeteria there was no wine for us to uncork
But we were happy drinking tea and eating dinner with a spork.

We had turkey, potatoes, stuffing and brownies- the food really did taste great!
(Of course Deborah, being a vegetarian, left her turkey on her plate.)

We talked with Aden, took his picture and wished the time would somehow slow
But soon his teacher said, “Line Up! ”...it was time for him to go.

What made our first Thanksgiving dinner special wasn’t the turkey or the sides
It was the time we spent with Aden that left us satisfied.

That is the beauty of Thanksgiving on this or any other day
The time we spend together can never be taken away.

Just as it was in the New World so many years in the past
The food was only secondary, it’s the memories that will last.

That’s a good thought to keep in mind as today we make the drive
To meet Ava for her Thanksgiving dinner...same spot...12: 55.

Susan Lacovara 20 November 2013

What a wonderful reminder of what Thanksgiving truly embodies. I hope you are fed, full on love. May PEACE and plenty be yours.

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