Our Fun-Filled Day Poem by Beryl Ann Keuken

Our Fun-Filled Day

It was school holidays and July was the particular month
of the year.
We had decided to pack some lunch and go for a trip to
the Weir.
On arrival we were greeted with a rather cold and
dismal day.
We should have rugged up warmer but perhaps it was
for the better, as it kept the crowds away.
An energetic Lyrebird we first espied as we alighted
from our car.
Yours truly decided to then creep up, to take a shot,
but it ran away quite far.

Under a rotunda we then settled, sitting up at one of
the tables for a bite to eat.
It was there that we enjoyed a hot roast chook, pasta
salad and other scrumptious treats.
If only we'd thought of bringing a thermos of hot coffee
or tea instead of that bottle of ice-cold water.
Instead we huddled up together with our grandson and
little grand-daughter.
Our tummies were now full and so we packed our picnic
belongings away.
Our grandchildren then had their photos taken beside
some slender ferns just across the way.

We strolled along in search for native birds that dwelled
at this beautiful Weir.
Maybe they were hungry and, if we remained perfectly
still, perhaps they would start to appear.
A Kookaburra was the first to arrive perching on the
signpost close to a huge gum tree.
Another decided to join in the fun and it was such
a glorious sight for all to see.
A flock of Rosellas were the next to arrive as we held
some scraps between our fingers.
How tame they seemed as they perched on our head
or on other places they came to linger.
Our precious little grand-daughter didn't like that idea,
as she wasn't as brave as us.
How dare those big scary creatures land on her head
and frighten her so much!

Eventually the sun's rays extended their beams of light
and brightened up our day.
We decided to go for a forest walk, admiring the many
beautiful sights along the way.
Up on his Opa's shoulders our grandson was the
'King of the Castle'.
He had to remember to duck at times or get down
like a 'Dirty Rascal'!
Little Miss became rather tired and was passed around
from one to another.
This was okay for a while but she preferred to be
in the arms of her mother!

What a fantastic day we all had experienced as we
went on our merry way,
But before we decided to make for home, we stopped
at an indoor adventure park so the kids could have
a play.
Our grand-daughter remained safe and sound as she
played happily among the many colourful balls,
While our grandson could be seen rolling around
on the top of a rather large inflated ball.
The adults sat together like 'Knights of the Round
Table', enjoying an afternoon snack.
Then it was time to pack up and leave once again
and I'm sure we will all come back!

Evelyn Morianos 15 January 2022

You have shared this experience with us in such a beautiful way with your description in detail of your day. I felt every emotion of a grandma's love, a young child's fear, the adventures of a young boy and the beauty of your surroundings. Excellent piece of work.

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