* What Is Life? * Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

* What Is Life? *

Rating: 4.9

Aggress legitimately
I can hear screams from the back of the barns
"somebody help, someone help, call 911,
my daughter is bleeding".
Yvonne,16, cuts her wrist as she figures,
that's the only exit, to Hell
Her wild life has taken its toll
Her parents were too exhumed
with exuberant life
They can't afford to be back dated
I was once walking on the road
leading to the Police precinct
when I saw a lady was robbed,
shot and no ones around
rendered a helping hand
She's bleeding to death
before I could call the ambulance
Life could be pleasant all the way for some
It's like walking in the middle of the park
You feel free to embrace the crouch air
It goes deep into your system
Feel like you were born again
The smile on your face
Paints a little episode of your past

Amid the moon shines on a musing night
The time when lust and passion
Impregnate many dwellers and lovers
Not far below the cold mountain
A stricken two floors ranch house
Were hosting demise session
The mother of three was metastasized
by carcinoma
It's a grieving time for some
Regardless of where you live
They say life is like a box of chocolate
It's easy said than done
You love someone and are loved
The mutual is beautiful
But the condition could deteriorate
Heart breaks which could be a precursor to death
The stout politician once said
"today's world is all about money,
it's the root of success and last but not least, evil"

Yes, it's money matters
No money no talk
The infamous phrases
In some region of the world
There's no longer a democracy
But monecracy
Which is obviously money craze?
Millions of lives perished like ashes,
strewn all over the mourning ocean,
at the hands of politicians
Well, we live by seconds, minutes and hours
The clock is ticking
When the eyes blinking
Another life will succumb
Life is like walking in the middle of the park
You don't leave anything behind
Unless you want to call it a day

So, what's life?

* What Is Life? *
Mamta Agarwal 01 July 2009

Sulaiman, this is one of your poems which brings out hollowness, desperation, meaninglessness of earthly existence, as seen in present context. yes, we don't know whether our loved one are coming back from school or work. there are tragedies taking place all the time. no wonder you ask what is life, as million others, including me. 10 Mamta

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Linda Moore 01 July 2009

You are a very talented and expressive writer, all things twofold.......10

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Rajkumar Mukherjee 05 July 2009

Dear Sulaiman, Have you returned to Singapore? I'm still in Singapore, enjoying my stay here. About your poem Its a neat projection of hollwness and desperation of present day life all around the world.The helplessness of the mankind on the backdropp of threats faced by us in rveryday life from unpredictable sources.Good write. Good rating A-9--Rajkumar N.B.-I've posted 3/4 poems from Singapore.Spare some time to read, rate and comment.-Rajkumar

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Life is theft, murder, rape, and troublous. Of course, That's looking on the downside. Much is hid away from the eyes of people, the darkness. It's easy to be carefree if you just don't think about life. You have a nice style in writing, interesting. Too much of a poetic sense drives me away. You put life nicely.

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Black Mendilouche 20 June 2009

'The mutual is beautiful ' I love that line!

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Bushra Hussaini 07 November 2009

that one of the great poem, so complete, well expresion of wild dark emotions! !

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Bong Francisco 08 August 2009

When life begins.................................................

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Obed Souza 15 July 2009

Each person portrays life their own way. This answers depends on what one can see and read between the lines of this mysterious text called ' life', a tragedy or a love poem...

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Kristina B; Williams 11 July 2009

4=s 10 yet again....love reading your poems..no favor at all

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A Lifetime Of Fame 05 July 2009

OMG. This is like, one of the best poems I've read in many years. Please keep writing more poems like that. GOD bless you.

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