Our Nation's Birthright Poem by Katherine Perry

Our Nation's Birthright

Rating: 5.0

Every man, woman and child on this earth has a
birthday and time
As does every nation on the face of this globe
But July 4, America's birthday becomes less and
less celebrated you'll find
Because the high flying red, white and blue has
been neglected and left on some old abandoned

Our nation's birth, the birth of a concept to be
The concept that all men are created equally

But now America's citizens are bound in chains
of fear
And our words have become silent to a government
that's not willing to hear

Now our soldiers have as much of a choice to be
As a baby being aborted, has the right to choose
When at one time we had the right to install a
government of our own choosing for you and me
Now the government has taken our rights and chose
to take away from us instead of giving

I can see how it might be possible for a man to
look down upon the earth and be an atheist
But i cannot see how a man could look up into
Heaven and say there's no God
For that's the craziest

If at one time Abraham Lincoln could think this
nation was in need to be saved
How do you think he would react to the devistated
state our nation is in now
I think if he could see us now, he would be ashamed
Then he would look up to God, and simply ask him, how?

If only our leaders could have half the faith in
God that Abraham Lincoln had
Then i believe we could enjoy the blessing of sweet
But our nation has pushed God so far away from our
trust, it is sad
But even more sad, that it was done knowingly and

Our nation is no longer in the pursuit of happiness
Our nation is in the pursuit of losing
Our nation holds the key to a door that opens into
But is still standing because of the soldiers and
the helpless citizens our government is just using

It is the birth of greed that brought death to our
nation and the pursuit of happiness
And the flag that we affectionately named 'Old Glory'
is dead

And because of that, it is said...
Our pride is seen through money
Our hope is seen through money
Our values are seen through money
And our lives are lived for money

For money holds the power
Hour after hour
It can be seen in the eyes of greedy men
And seen in those worshiping their mercedez benz

Money holds the power in the American's flag's wave
But it can't hold any power in the hands of a dead
man's grave! ! !

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