Out Of The Grave Poem by K J

Out Of The Grave

Rating: 3.8

Left alone in the thickening dark
Upon my body lies softly your mark
Above my head is the dimmest of lights
Trapped in a well for uncountable nights
From far away, I hear a dim song
Promising me I'll be free before long
Telling me of a tunnel in the stone
Which, upon it, my senses could not hone
Feeling around I soon found the dark path
To follow it through, I would face your God's wrath
I enter and feel the slow steady water
Soft and quick steps won't allow me to falter
When I brake through, breathing air that you gave
I find I just dug myself out of my grave

Savita Tyagi 17 February 2020

Marvelous expressions! Life shows it all in one breath.

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Buried Alive 04 July 2011

a great title for a great poem. I can feel the claustrophobia coming through, too much for even a vampire to bear

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Buried Alive 04 July 2011

'Out of the grave' but still in the' graveyard'. The last line says it all- 'if you want to be close to god, then be buried in the sky.'

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