Pained Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph


Rating: 5.0

Never thought I'd write it down, loved you hard till blood was drawn.
Got used to the sound of flesh hitting against flesh.

Thought I'd paint a picture and make it less ugly, but I can't so here's the nitty gritty

No more pain, physical only in my chest how could some one that
I breathed for do this to me

Thought u were the one how wrong you proved me to be
Every day outta my eyes I couldn’t see

Hid it for a long time because I didn’t want to bleed
Thought u loved me

In your shadows I crawled
Just to not start a spark
That’ll ignite your rage

Light up the fuse that is the tip of your finger,
And at times your belt young and naive
Was I

1ST love is a bitch
But please don't get in a fit

Cause now my dear if you ever, ever hit
In your face I will spit

Grow up never to hit or hate believe me one day
I will feed you to the sharks
As worm bait.

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Michael Ellis 10 September 2008

This poem is real deep. from reading it, it sounds like their is a lot of pain from abuse. Maybe not you but someone you know. I was really blessed to read this.

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, aryaindia 17 August 2008

A lot of vengeance piled up inside.......probably you should find solace in meditation and yoga that will make you totally new inside, arya

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