Never Ending Cycle Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

Never Ending Cycle

Didn't mama alwayz tell you bout dem naz-t boyz
da onez dat spit 3 inches from your shoez
and dem not care to hit.

Didn't mama alwayz tell you bout dem bad boyz
dat tossed you round like toyz
and alwayz alwayz want mo

Didn't mama alwayz tell bout dem bad boyz
dat made u real sad
and at first dem treat you good

Didn; t mama alwayz tell you bout dem thug boyz
dat don't like to give ya hugz
dat would rather ear ya make noise

Did'nt mama alwayz tell you bout them killa boyz
you sure?
I'z sho thought she did. sorry ta ear dat, now who gon to raise ya boyz

**1st time writer please comment**

Vinod Kumar 08 January 2009

Advice to teenagers, good poem, well written keep writing, Thanks for sharing,

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Aliya Deri 11 September 2008

wow! It reminds me of 'We Real Cool' by Gwendolyn Brooks. Extremely insightful.

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, aryaindia 17 August 2008

This accent is not one that all would be able to follow. Something quite unusual but written with depth and meaning. Your poem reaches out to those who have not followed good advice. Good. Keep writing.

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