My Crush Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

My Crush

My crush is everything but mine.

Every time I see him in the halls my heart just starts to rush,

whoever said blacks could not blush?

Sometimes I doubt he even knows I'm alive.

Don't pay any mind, My friends ask 'Why am I crazy for him'?

Damn, I mean he just passes you by!

Pass by me and not say hi?

Um I have no idea why I'm falling for this guy.

**1st time writer please comment**

mr bigd ick 06 February 2020

the writer was a porch monkey, black cant blush, youre right but monkeys can

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Keith Hendrickson 04 January 2009

very tuthful writting. 'whoever said black cant blush' lol i feel this line personaly.

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**paris* forever forgotten** 11 November 2008

I had a crush on this one guy for about 3 years during high school, and never let it show. after a while it gets to you. I think you should let him kno how u feel. He might like u 2. thats how mines ended & started! Great poem

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, aryaindia 17 August 2008

I was wondering why the pen was I know. Well, you are a very deep and sincere person.......that is what I feel. arya

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Kholekile Monakali 12 August 2008

its such a nice poem, Sophonie you should never give up for someone, you think about him all the time, even if he does not say a single word to you maybe he feels the same thing as you do, you better tell him, let him know, thanks for a poem its cool

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