tara walker

Rookie (1996)

Paint - Poem by tara walker

I want to paint the world in black,
So it’s impossible to find you,
Because you’re a nightmare in my dreams.
I see you, you stand there so clear, but I want to drag you to the woods,
And paint the river in red.
I see you, I want to jump out and catch you!
You have no lives left, your losing the game, I’m winning there’s just one more level to gain.
I see you, your down the alley, but don’t turn round because you’ll run.
I never said you could set yourself free.
I see you, you’re on top of the world don’t jump down, just surrender.
you’ve messed with my mind, I can no longer think the same of you, only these fearless crimes.
I see you,
I want to kill you, but it takes time so let my mind rest so I can sleep through the night.
I see you, but this time you’re in my dream,
Your screaming ‘’help me’’ but I didn’t take your hand in time.
I see you, your drowning your tears are taking over your breath,
Making you suffer helps me with this war because it’s almost over,
There’s no reason for you to be living anymore.
I see you, you asked me to paint the world in your favourite colour,
But if I do I’ll make sure it’s the last time.
I see you, your painting a picture of when its time,
I’ll try and copy it, to make it just as real as mine.
I see you, your sinking below the ground, don’t get up just keep falling down,
I promise I wont catch you until its time.
I still see you, you’re feeling my pain, I hope you feel alone,
See I told you there was nothing left to gain.
I see you, I’m losing the image of you, you’re almost gone it’s just like the first time.
I see myself, I painted the world in blue just because it was my favourite colour,
All I wanted was to show you this feeling inside that cut me so deep,
That I had to memorise myself before I went to sleep.
I see you, just as well as me,
Do you get the point of why I’m doing this, just so you could see how it feels like to be me.

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