Fantasy Poems: 10 / 500

Black And White

Rating: 4.9

White dazzles my inner divide,
Black thrown in with my unruly side,
My parents wave me a lingering goodbye,
They have always nurtured my childlike soul,
As I try to fly from my warm nest,
To accomplish and try to be the best,
In a world full of colour so bold,
I'm painted black and white,
Standing out for all the wrong reasons,
I dare to fight,
I always daydream in multicolour scenes of joy,
Living is a struggle with silent screams of turmoil,
Stirring the concoction to the boil,
As i listen to remarks that stick permanently,
I try and climb to a great height,
To discover a view, that I can never see,
I bounce back into a fantasy of nature holding my hand,
Accepting my limitations,
Tasting the sweet prospect of finding words a sensation,
Black and white finds the curious light,
That shimmers with substance and dances across the page in ink,
I cross a a wide bridge that is my link,
To dissolving the empty divide,
Like the certainty of the incoming tide.

Elisabeth Wingle 23 June 2016

congratulations on poem of the day, I always enjoy reading your your work.

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 June 2016

Into the fantasy of nature! ! Nice piece of work. Glad to have your poem as, poem of the day. Mine was read on the 8th of February this year.

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Soul Watcher 23 June 2016

Congratulations to be Poet of the day Hazel, nice poem

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Kelly Kurt 23 June 2016

There is no such thing as color. Electromagnetic wavelengths vary and are collected by our eyes and interpreted by brains as subjective colors. We humans use our perception in many ways, some good (as in this poem) and some bad. Congrats on poem of the day, Hazel

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Kim Barney 23 June 2016

Well, said, Kelly!

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Robert Murray Smith 08 April 2021

A poetess of excellence.

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Khalil Gabol 22 December 2019

Beautiful and captivating, read my poem " She whispered to her friends " Regards.

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Sarah Shahzad 11 December 2019

realy truly, & great words..! ! like your thoughts on this... pleez do comment/ review/ write your thoughts on my site 2 :)

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Denis Mair 10 September 2019

The polarities of white and black take on philosophical significance because they sum up the contradictions that we move through. They are not the final story, because their stark contrast only dominates when joy falters, but you fight your way toward the vantage point of joyous color. Excellent.

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Mahtab Bangalee 24 June 2019

I try and climb to a great height, To discover a view, that I can never see, .../// beautiful poem penned let me climb the inner ladder let me discover the lighter by which I see all brighter.......///

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