Papyrus Vs Blogs Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Papyrus Vs Blogs

Rating: 5.0

Don’t be nervous,
Nor do you grieve,
Oh, Bard, soothe,
In life’s destined gloom.
Callous have ages been,
To man and beast the same.
Often did he trample,
Many a mass massively.
Leaving no marks
Of compassion,
Still, in papyrus
Did he found
The last bliss.
Moods, thoughts,
Passions and instincts
Had its due blend
In pure minds,
For meager words
To turn immortal,
For Monuments to dare
The time untamed.
On the chariot
Of savage sayings
Did his emotions migrate
Meandering mind-miles.
Still do they remain
Fluttering as flags
Lauding slogans
Of daring insights,
While the instant blog
Maggots do bud
And vanish
In the fleeting digital rut.
Moon has lost
Her bashful silver,
Swallows and cuckoos,
Linnets and Jai birds,
All have their songs
In tone so feeble
On the banks
Of bleeding brooks.

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
I leave the blessed bards to review on this often understood story, though told not very often.
Bri Edwards 01 May 2014

i liked this poem MUCH MORE than 'memory birds'. it is rich with poetic images and with entertaining alliterations, even thought the meaning of this one, also, may not be clear to me; i've only read it once and i'm in a hurry to get to bed. perhaps i shall return to it. thanks for sharing. bri ;) one question before i go: Often did he trample, ............who? is he

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Yash Shinde 29 April 2014 interesting and intriguing write....... blogs can't keep the privacy, that you get in papyrus manuscripts.........glad to see that you cherish the past! ...

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 28 April 2014

On the banks of bleeding brooks so richly beautiful!

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Captain Herbert Poetry 27 April 2014

Intetesting poem and nice messages

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Valsa George 27 April 2014

Our emotions inscribed in papyrus leaves are lasting monuments unlike instant blogs.... In this tech age, unfortunately books are replaced by digital techniques...... While the instant blog Maggots do bud And vanish In the fleeting digital rut. So true Tajudeen.... Great lines!

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