Josh Burnett

Rookie (Feburary 12 1987 / Germany)

Path - Poem by Josh Burnett

Live this life, walk this line, that's what you say to me.
This is this, that is that, that's what you tell me.
This is right, that is wrong, that's what you scream.
Do as I do, say what I say,
But what you don't realize is that it's my life to live.
My line to walk, you don't realize that this could be that,
And that could be this.
What I tell you is that it's my choice to make.

I wanted you to know, I just wanted to say one thing to you.
I want to make this loud and clear, so I scream these words.
Let me choose the life that I wish to live,
And the path that I wish to walk.
I'm breaking off the branches of those small insignifican whispers.
I'm blocking those hands that try to guide me down this foriegn path.
This is not your life and it's not yours to choose to live.
Mind your manners and sit back and watch me make it through my life.

Give it time it will heal, give it time the pain will mend.
But the tears still flow down my cheeks,
And the pain still lingers in my heart.
It's not what you think it is,
It's the fact that you are trying too hard to get your way.
I scream but you cannot hear those screams,
Because you are so busy with your own chit chat to even care.
So I walk out of the middle of this circle that you form behind me.
Despite the quiet whispers,
Despite the fact of the heads that shake at me.
I'm trudging onward and you can continue to watch onwards
With those judgmental eyes, and a word will never cease my mouth.

I will walk by as you point and discriminate against me.
I will walk by as you call out my name with hard edge words.
And those hard edge words that you use is a double edge sword.
What comes around goes around,
And one day it will all come back on you.
That's the simple way of cause and effect,
That's the simple way of karma.
Through you may not believe in that word it will come back to haunt you.
Either it could be good or bad but I will not speak my mind.
I will remain silent for if I don't you won't like what I have to say.
So just let me move on and travel on my own path and be on my way.

There is just one thing that you don't realize is that I am my own being.
No words can hurt me or my heart,
Because I'm not listening to those words.
You may think that I'm being hard headed and dumb.
The truth is that I walk a righteous path.
Not in your eyes but in the eyes of what I believe.
What I believe and what you believe are very different things.
So let me walk my way and I'll let you walk yours.

You hear me scream 'I Love You'
But what you fail to see is my hands raised up.
You may think that I am a cold hearted human being,
But really it's reversed.
You seen when you went your way I did not say a word,
But you curse my name.
I walk down a path that trees over hang where you see no daylight.
You see a shadow that looms behind, in front, beside and over me.
Therefore you think that I live my life in the dark.
You think that dark is not good.
Therefore you are blinded by your own misjudgments,
Because you fail to see the truth.
What you fail to see goes deeper than the human eyes can see.
It goes deeper than any ocean can reach.
What you see is your own shadow looming over my shoulders.
You fail to see the beam of light streaming through my heart,
Lighting the pathway.
That same light guides me on an unending journey of hope and peace.

When I walk by you and you shout I am unable to hear that scream.
When I walk by you and you point I am unable to see that cruel finger.
All I can hear is the beat of my heart echoing through my whole body.
All I can hear is the wind beating against my ears,
And the trees that surround me.
when I wak by you all you can see is that I bear a frown.
You don't know why I bear a frown,
Because I know that if I wear a smile.
You will mostly try to take that smile away from me,
By hurting me emotionally.
Like you have done so many times before.
Therefore I wear a frown to mask the truth and happiness inside of me.

Cautiously I walk this long path through the echoes of time,
Giving no concern.
Cautiously I walk this long path with you following close behind.
I can feel your breath on the back of my neck,
And I can feel the touch of your fingertips.
I don't show no concern because in the light that I'm walking
You cannot possibly dream of trying to touch me.
You are one step behind me all the way,
But my senses tell me you are mile behind.
Running to catch up,
But every time you do for some reason you find yourself wondering.
Wondering where I went to.
The second you get close to me,
Is the second I sprout wings and fly that much further away.

Live this life, walk this line, that's what you say to me.
This is this, that is that, that's what you tell me.
This is right, that is wrong, that's what you scream.
Do as I do,
But you just don't realize is that your echoes do not reach my ears.
Therefore I am a solid stone on my path.
When you scream the rights and wrongs,
You always tend to forget that I was never there
Just like a ghost in your mind,
And when you do come to realize that,
You hear the echoes in your mind screaming back at you.
You hear the echoes of your own name screaming back at you.

For you see this whole time you thought I was lost,
And you thought you would help,
You was the one who was really lost and I tried to help,
But just like any other you ignored the signs and the smile that I offered,
And this whole time you was chasing me down that long path,
I actually was right there behind you,
But you were too involved in catching me,
That you didn't give a thought to turn around and run the other direction.
For now that you heard those echoes screaming your name.
You now realize that it was my voice that was calling you,
And not your own.
It was my voice telling you which path you should have went down.
It was for your well being to listen but you blocked out my voice,
And in doing so you took your own path trying to find me.

That is why you were blinded by what I was trying to do.
That is why you were blinded
From the light that always followed me around.
That is why you are left behind
On a crossroad section and no way home.

You were always wrapped up in the worldly possessions,
That you couldn't get involved in an emotional state of mind,
And no matter how hard you try to catch me,
You will never be able too.
You were too wrapped up in trying to change me,
That you couldn't love me for who I was for what I am.
You couldn't accept my way of life,
And understand the things that I done.
Therefore you will always be like a dog trying to catch his own tail.

This is my life to live and my path to walk.
I tried to help you down your long journey path,
But you shoved me away and tried to pull me off my path.
You mocked me while I walked,
And you screamed when I stopped.
I was there all the way trying to help.
So when you hear that voice ringing.
I hope you remember that this is my life not yours,
And this is my path to walk.

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