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Patience Taught By Nature

Rating: 2.9

'O DREARY life,' we cry, ' O dreary life ! '
And still the generations of the birds
Sing through our sighing, and the flocks and herds
Serenely live while we are keeping strife
With Heaven's true purpose in us, as a knife
Against which we may struggle ! Ocean girds
Unslackened the dry land, savannah-swards
Unweary sweep, hills watch unworn, and rife
Meek leaves drop year]y from the forest-trees
To show, above, the unwasted stars that pass

In their old glory: O thou God of old,
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* Sunprincess * 25 May 2016

.....patience is a beautiful thing... love this ?

2 1 Reply
Edward Kofi Louis 25 May 2016

Nature! ! Through the heat and cold. Nice piece of work.

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Arsith 18 February 2019

I love your poem

1 1 Reply
alan brown 05 April 2018

Enjoyed reading your poem Alan

2 1 Reply
Ratnakar Mandlik 25 May 2016

Nature is a great teacher and gives us lessons through it's different manifestations and moods. A great poem, short and sweet indeed. Thanks for sharing it here.

7 5 Reply
Amar Agarwala 25 May 2016

Small and lovely... the poet seeking patience that synchronizes our lives with time.

6 4 Reply
Susan Williams 25 May 2016

I would guess that even cavemen were lamenting their lack of patience. It is such a universal theme.

12 4 Reply