Peace By Peace Poem by Jim Yerman

Peace By Peace

I was never a great speller…in school…when my teacher called on me
I was never really sure if the ‘I' came before…or after the ‘e'

When it came to certain words…I always found it telling…
how two words could sound exactly the same but both have different spellings?

In every spelling bee I ever entered…I never won first prize…and I never dreamed my lack of spelling skills would be a blessing in disguise.

But in some cases it has been…(in many others that remains to be seen)
Let me offer one example of exactly what I mean.

With hatred, bigotry and war in this world all on the increase…
one way, we're told, to solve this problem is to attack it piece by piece.

But due to my lack of spelling prowess…when I dream of a way for hatred and bigotry to cease…I write: the best way to solve the problem…is to attack it peace…by peace.

If we attacked it peace by peace…despite our disagreements…if we showed one another we care…we might look less at the things that make us different…and find more of the things we share.

Peace by peace we might discover we're all quite similar when we look into each other's hearts…perhaps we'd find what brings us all together…and stop tearing ourselves apart.

Perhaps it starts quite simply…just by writing piece another way…
Instead of putting the ‘I' before the ‘e'…we put the ‘e' before an ‘a'.

Of course I'm not sure my teacher back in grade school would agree…
But I like to dream the world wold be more peaceful…
If everyone spelled…a little more like me.

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