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Peacock Story 10 - Oh Pretty Peacock

Rating: 5.0

Oh pretty peacock,
why perch you thus,
so haggard and so woebegone,
upon the wooden rail?

Is it that recent hail
has bombarded your skinny body
and left you primping your wet feathers
with a cold beak?

Or is it perhaps
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Carol Rhodes 23 November 2008

Oh, Alison, I am on your wave-length to the max. You are obviously a nature lover and a kind caring woman. Enjoyed this very much. Good write. I have two cats. Strange cats make a daily trek to my yard and I feed them. Many bird feeders, as well. There is a muscovy duck at our local lake, one of its kind there. I began feeding him seed every day. I would call out, 'Baby, baby, where are you? ', as I approached his area. Within no time at all, he'd present himself and sashay his way to me, sometimes from quite a distance. He'd put his beak against my leg and feed from my hand. It was so touching and delicious. I wanted to 'steal' him and take him home. Husband wouldn't hear of it. Shall read more of your poems. You are good. My best, Carol

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An excellently flowing series of questions which are both rhetorical and descriptive...witty ending. Love it. t x

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Gi Galen 22 November 2008

Beautifully … The merciful mood decorates poetic feelings... «I'd like to invite you into my warm house. But sadly I have two hungry cats … » - it is witty … /10

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 22 November 2008

You could have blow dryed him Alison, give a guy a break: -) Andy 10

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Meggie Gultiano 22 November 2008

he he.LOL..wow, Ali, you really love animals.Nice write, and enjoy reading this...He he..sadly..i have two hungry cats..I love this. More, more, more of this..LOL Love, Meggie

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Tsira Goge 04 December 2008

Alison, Only, beauty: nvitations - warm... But, preventions - still the best.........10........ With love, Tsira

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Jerry Hughes 02 December 2008

.................a fine tribute to Mr P, who is doubtless missing Miss P?

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Ridge Cahill 29 November 2008

A wry poem that made me chuckle to myself.

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Andrew Blakemore 27 November 2008

This is a lovely poem Alison with a wonderfully witty ending. Top marks from me. Love, Andrew

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Original Unknown Girl 27 November 2008

Gorgeous poem about a gorgeous bird. Love the that the cats got a mention too.. a real treat reading you again Allie. HG: -) xx

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