Optimistic Man Poem by Nazim Hikmet

Optimistic Man

Rating: 3.6

as a child he never plucked the wings off flies
he didn't tie tin cans to cats' tails
or lock beetles in matchboxes
or stomp anthills
he grew up
and all those things were done to him
I was at his bedside when he died
he said read me a poem
about the sun and the sea
about nuclear reactors and satellites
about the greatness of humanity

Nenita24 Mbaye 11 May 2007

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Ruby Mostazir 26 February 2013

nice poem........luv dis

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Nudershada Cabanes 04 January 2018

A poignant poem. Life is not fair sometimes it is those who have not done any wrong that gets the brunts of life.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 January 2018

Touching expression. Beautiful poem.

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 04 January 2018

Believing positively even despite the strain of negativity towards him, he was as blithe and optimistic as usual........very touching indeed........thanks for sharing

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Jimmy Serrano 18 May 2023

Great poem about a man who doesn't have a good life but before his last moments, he stay possitive and want to listen good things about humans. The author use Assonance at the first line, and at the second one there is Alliteration.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 18 May 2023

A beautiful poem! Loved the sweet comment of Nudershada Cabanes! Many congratulations! !

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Geoffrey Fafard 10 February 2018

I have read and re-read this poem. It is phenomenal and breathtaking. Outstanding...it affected me deeply.

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Kevin Patrick 05 January 2018

I've read this several times, and with each reading to grows, more and more significant in its humanistic weight, to be good man and still suffer the world, and in his death he wishes to be content with nature and with human advances, yet the greatness of humanity was truly his own existence. Fantastic Poem!

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Susan Williams 04 January 2018

That is unfortunately what can happen to a meek and mild and gentle person in almost every society. But I have to wonder about how he wanted a poem read to him about nuclear reactors as he lay dying...

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