Pebble Through A Motion Poem by Sara Tehrani

Pebble Through A Motion

Rating: 4.8

Living my life…
Walking through rivers of strife
Deteriorating like a pebble through the motion
Wondering when I will ever reach the ocean

However with each grain of me that withers away
I will pick up the courage to carry with me the little I have left
I will embrace it close to me and protect it with all my power
I will walk through the cold river like it is my final hour

A pebble through a motion
Smaller than I feel
The feeling which carries me through the stormy weathers
Unlike the feeling of limitation of diminished sustain
That crumbles as soon as a wave may come its way

A pebble through the motion…
I will reach it, I will reach the Ocean…


Mona Martinez 19 August 2009

lovely! ! ! love the way it flowed, everything about it seemed perfect to me. i enjoyed reading it. thanks.

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V F 17 August 2009

this one is very beautifully painted too.. thanks for sharing..

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Duh Huh 26 July 2009

A beautiful poem. It shows the hope and inner strength of the writer. You are a poet young lady. Keep up the good work, i will be back for more. Thank you for sharing your talent. :) regards Nora

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