Pretty Colours Of A Question Poem by Sara Tehrani

Pretty Colours Of A Question

Rating: 5.0

If by any chance
with her you can't laugh and dance, and
if maybe at all
She doesn't paint a bright colour on your wall

Then when you look at her, ask your self
is there love at all?

You come to me and tell me all your stories
You make me laugh and I take away your worries
We stay up and talk until the early hours
I sit here and watch how our connection just flowers

But then to know she pulls you away and takes you home
Breaks me into pieces I had never known
that she has the best of you when Im alone
But doesn't appreciate your colours so beautiful and drawn
She doesnt let you sing out loud your favorite song
Then I wonder how can you possibly think this isn't wrong

I dont need to know whats right
because i see it in your eyes each blissful night
I don't need to know whats real
because I trust in how we both feel
I just have one question before we part
Will you ever stop, and listen to Your heart?

Sara Tehrani 19 August 2009

Thank you so much for the lovely comments :) means alot :)

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Mona Martinez 19 August 2009

'will you ever stop and just listen to your heart? ' most powerful question that blew me away because it's true....the other girl just knows how to keep a guy interested in that one way, but when he talks to you, he can say what's on his mind without a problem. i wonder about this too. good write.

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Beauty Philosophy 17 August 2009

Well -penned poem. You are right, the HEART is the only part one should listen to and TRUST; Gd job!

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V F 17 August 2009

this touches me... jus the questions i ask.. jus the questions i ask.. very beautifully are talented...

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