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A grey cat with vivid green eyes
hid in long grass beside a letterbox.
Two birds hopped and skipped along the path.
The cat’s attention was fixed.
The birds looked a little like corellas or galahs;
white with grey, pink and peach trims.

They stopped in front of the letterbox.
This was unusual behaviour for birds.
Their stillness distracted the cat which blinked

as if awakening from a trance.
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David Wood 17 May 2013

I have a stray cat that meanders through my garden from time to time but my dog, Clara, chases it away into nex doors garden. A lovely write Diane as usual.

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beautiful narrative poem koshka mozet........ theme too very strong

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Valsa George 16 May 2013

Reading your poems, I often wonder how your brain broods on themes and topics quite different from the run of the mill type! Incidentally, now I am stealthily feeding a stray kitten at my backyard that has sneaked into my house and has been repeatedly and mercilessly driven away by my husband! But it doesn't talk to me as your cat does! Somehow I rejoice over the glitter in its blue eyes at the sight of the morsel, I occasionally give! ! it swishes its tail/ I don't have a tail to swish! !

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........... Obliged to honour the fauna and flora of all kinds, Mindful of all that walk on the earth and fly in the sky With an eye that sees every speck of landscape Thou remainth dear Diane Hine! I Salute your consistency and commitment here, marveleous Poet.

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Captain Cur 15 May 2013

The word subtension does exist in (Skunk and Wagtails) Dictionary. This is what you get when you walk on birds and argue with cats. Very clever poem, I like it. The Birds said to give you a ten, the cat just shrugged.

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Kanav Justa 24 May 2013

great poem, , , very very creative, , , , not an easy one to write, ,

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Danny Draper 20 May 2013

What a great poem of creative story and language. A moment or few unfolded and shared, with just a hint of sub tension in the plot.

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Wahab Abdul 19 May 2013

wow..excellent poem, diane hine is my favourite poet, love this poem very much

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Owain Glyn 18 May 2013

What a wonderful piece. Pets fool us humans all the time, and cats are the masters! !

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Dave Walker 18 May 2013

A great poem, really like it. I used to have a dog that could talk.

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