The Cat Said ‘meow' Poem by Jim McGill

The Cat Said ‘meow'

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This is a poem about a Shaman and a cat. Now, we all know cats are independent and unresponsive to requests or commands. However, I am pleased to announce that with a small gift of a sardine laced with catnip, I was able to convince this cat to participate in the poem. But, sadly, this tale does not end well. Therefore, I wish to dedicate this poem to the cat.

The Cat Said 'Meow'

In the village of Onaga on the banks of the mighty Onado River
Along the water's edge, strolled a young villager named Sliver
And as he walked he saw a sight that no one should ignore
The village Shaman, deep in thought, was standing on the shore
The wise man held a cat in both hands and raised it overhead
The youth approached cautiously and in a nervous voice he said
Pray tell Sir, what will you do with that cat held above your brow?
'I will wash this cat, ' declared the wise one…and the cat said 'meow'

He bowed to the east, holding the cat high above his head
He bowed to the west, then towards the water he slowly tread
The Shaman lowered the cat, Sliver said louder than before
'You cannot do that Sir, I know you will kill that cat for sure
The water is very cold and runs too fast in this season now'
'I must cleanse this cat, ' the Sage replied…then the cat said 'meow'

When he couldn't stop him, Sliver felt a shiver up his spine!
Perhaps the elders could intervene and save that helpless feline
Surely they would have the wisdom to deal with this abuse
He must go to them at once. There was no time to loose.
No longer would he plead; the old one wouldn't listen anyhow
And as he ran with haste toward the elders lodge…he heard the cat say 'meow'

Sliver returned with the elders and lo, they saw the cat…prone
Across the Shaman's hands as he stood by the river all alone
'I knew you would kill that cat' sobbed Sliver most distraught
'You plunged him in the river, when I knew that you should not
And now he lies lifeless, never more to rest upon a tree bough,
He was alive when I left to get the elders…I heard that cat say 'meow'

The Shaman explained to the elders standing there in judgement
'I chose to wash this filthy feline. I saw no reason to seek consent
This cat was foul and putrid. It reeked of rended rats and fetid fish
I sought to make him smell much better. This was my only wish
Thrice I soaked and soaped him up. There was no problem I avow
I then held him by the tail; rinsed him left and right…the cat even said 'meow! '

'So during the washing the cat was fine and no one can deny it
But when I stretched him straight and wrung him out…then the cat went quiet! '

Jim McGill, November,2022

Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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Sad, but very talented cat!
Rob Lamberton 20 January 2023

What happened to nine lives?

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Jim McGill 27 January 2023

Sorry Rob. I did not see your question. I imagine he lost 8 lives in the Tom and Jerry Saturday morning cartoons. That poor cat took a severe beating each week. Thank you for reading it. I appreciate your feed back.

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Richard Wlodarski 12 January 2023

Loved the whole poem. Unfortunately, the last line was a bit too much for me.

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Jim McGill 18 January 2023

Sorry. I did state at the beginning that this tale did not end well. But…I did dedicate the poem to the cat. I thank you for reading it and I thank you even more for the feedback.

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