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People Will Leave In So Many Ways - Poem by Miroslava Odalovic

Fathers sometimes too early
Mothers you wonder if they ever should
Grandparents when you’re too young to understand
Or too old to really close their eyes
Sisters and brothers will fly their dreams
Beyond your dreamland zones
Children in need of their future fulfillment
Will leave too and you’ll be both happy for them
And selfishly sad for yourself
Friends in need won’t even know that they’ve left you
With a switch on switch off parameters of their phone calls
Business partners without any notice for who knows
How long it takes to realize
Short term deals and long term tasks
Lovers will leave you no matter if
One night stands or many a night empty bed touches
Neighbours will leave you
They move houses and never really move in anywhere
The shop assistants calling you either love or son or neighbour
Depending on the geographical region you come from
They’ll be in search of some other job or some other shop
In which they can sell good morning smiles
And have a nice day good buys
Those indecisive will leave you real slow
You won’t even be sure when exactly they left
Won’t be able to tell the difference
Between their excuses and their reasons
In a fading out relationship
Those honest enough will leave you quickly
In a no hard feelings mannerism
Which of course hurts but at least you know
You’re no longer on their schedule
Those really wicked or perhaps just suffering
From pangs of conscience will try to blame it on you
And who knows perhaps you’ll be guilty as charged
And for all these perhaps it doesn’t really matter who left who
And for what reason as the reason is never as strikingly hard as
The fact you liked or loved or miss these people who are no longer there
And perhaps everything is actually ok
As long as you know you’re the one who will stay

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