Personal Velocity Poem by Masha Danevasha

Personal Velocity

Rating: 5.0

Will you loose all respect
If I was easy catch
Didn't tease or get coy
But skipped straight to home stretch
Will you hate me because
I did not play your game
And offered up freely
What as prizes you claim

I can not live this life
By the stale mating rules
Like a glass of fine wine
It will be over too soon
So I'll give if I want
What is mine to give
And I'll wear my heart
Like a stain on my sleeve

You can snub my straigh talk
And unsubtle forays
In the interest of time
I will soon move away

What I feel - I don't hide
When I love - I don toy
If you dare, aim at my
Bare chest - and destroy

So if you miss the chase
And the thrill of the kill
Then this willing embrace
Has no use for your skill
It's the journey you crave
Me, I go for results
You prefer to lay siege
While I storm and assult
I'm no trophy to stuff
And display on your wall
If this here's not enough
Sorry pal, not my fault

I'll keep moving ahead
Till my soul is complete
You are welcome to join
But you better match my speed

binary language 27 December 2006

bold and well said..i loved the verses about barexhest destroy..intense and hits a nerve

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Original Unknown Girl 22 December 2006

this is written in classic Masha style! It's bold and instructing just I would imagine you would be with your prey! ! Ha ha! I hope this guy got the message, he'd better get his running shoes on right now...... Great write... HG: -) xx

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Geoff Warden 19 December 2006

a book judged by cover learns how to smother the ocean pearl deep and stains a sleave yet fast forward motion as seaweed lotion bares no fool this write proofs tool excellenta Masha

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George P. Stasiuk 18 December 2006

Classic Masha Needs no Pasha Nor a Jin Just some Sin Shares the Rule Brooks no Fool You inspire me krasnaya dyevochka. Yuri, a bit less raw but still seething

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