Codename - Lazy Luv Poem by Masha Danevasha

Codename - Lazy Luv

Rating: 4.8

Two bodies huddled together for warmth
Testing out a theory that skin on skin works best for the cause
An argument who should leave the cozy nest and make tea
I said, this is lazy love
You grabbed your guitar and turned my words into lyrics
One night, that's all we had
Thank you for teaching me to grab a moment and feel it flutter in my hands
While watching time pass slowly under a heap of blankets
And thank you for the song.

Geoff Warden 15 May 2007

The ever alloure of live for the moment, an a cup of tea, being wich is a cup of tea, and has made for a fine read.........enjoyed young Lady....

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Esther Leclerc 25 October 2006

Lazy love can be as good as crazy love, in its way........ Love the first two lines esp. Thanks to Anna for sending me your way, Esther : ]

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binary language 18 October 2006

reminds me of a short fling..until she began to hate me playing guitar..thought it took my attention off of her...

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Anna Russell 09 October 2006

I wish I could hear that song! Love this Masha - a snuggly reminder to live for the moment. Hugs Anna xxx

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Original Unknown Girl 05 October 2006

Hi there Masha, I reallly like this.... especailly the theory that skin on skin works best for the cause, so simple yet so true! It's not what I thought when I read the title! Good write. Humber Girl: -)

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