Masha Danevasha Poems

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A La Guerre Comme A La Guerre

Out of nowhere comes the dagger
Another stab into an old scar
From an opponent who decided to take no prisoners
Who thought that tough girl can take a punch

One Track Mind

Here I sit staring into my pet abyss
A mind should be full of grander things then this
Stop the war, cure AIDS
Famine, nukes, world peace

Codename - Lazy Luv

Two bodies huddled together for warmth
Testing out a theory that skin on skin works best for the cause
An argument who should leave the cozy nest and make tea
I said, this is lazy love


Things that send souls alight hold you down like a stone
Jaded wings growing heavy before taking flight
Like a hermit at heart, who can not be alone
You are driven to those that won’t stay by your side

Cold Air

Cold chill fills the air
And seeps into your life
To remind you again
That you’re somebody’s wife

I’m tired of waiting for a wordsmith
To capture my immortal beauty in a verse
When one gets struck at last
And pays me homage

Codename - Jackass

First poet in my bohemian menagerie
Diligent follower of the Tao of Steve
You offered me Hyperion, Smythewick and a good chase
And I was your escape from domestic boredom

On Activism

So you don’t like guns
And want to free Tibet
Impeach the Texan bozo
And outlaw red meat

Road Song

You look at the road
Wind shuffles the deck
In your back pocket
You got half a pack

Codename - Snake Eyes

I still have your book
And you have my clip
Now I know why you kept asking
If I always get what I want

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