Road Song Poem by Masha Danevasha

Road Song

Rating: 4.5

You look at the road
Wind shuffles the deck
In your back pocket
You got half a pack
Your worn-out Justines
Got a pedal to crank,
And gamble how far
You can get on one tank

So head for the coast
The woods or the hills
Ride into sunset
To see how it feels
Leave behind, in the dust
What you can’t face
Let the cloud of exhaust
Hide your fall from grace

So light up that stogie
Step on the gas
Turn up the volume
Point the car West
If headlights approach
Don’t let them pass
Maybe this time
You’ll outrun your past

In a nameless dive
At the end of your track
In the arms of a stranger
Or a bottle of Jack
You may find an answer
To what went wrong
And ask a penniless bard
Make your tale into song

Anna Russell 01 December 2006

Masha, I think this would make a great song - but then again, it makes a great poem :) Just one question...what are Justines? Hugs Anna xxx

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George P. Stasiuk 27 November 2006

Hey Masha - I am progressively impressed. Your poetry is real and earthy. Great write and read. As far as songs, could be a good lyric - but I am not musical. But as I read this piece, 'Ventura Highway' was blasting as I drove along Route 1 in California with the top down. Nice memory. George

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Esther Leclerc 27 November 2006

You're really good with the progression and so, story-telling is your forte' (or one of them) , I think... The rhyming is gracefully unobtrusive throughout. Great write. Est : ]

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Original Unknown Girl 27 November 2006

Love this one Masha..... you're certainly stepping on the gas here! A great write, takes the reader on a journey of voyeurism.... I can just see an ol' truck hurtling down the freeway....! Fantastic...... HG: -) xx

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Geoff Warden 25 November 2006

And an honorable mention it shall be.............hold it! ! ! ! ! We are talking copyrights infringment of writers privy, , , ETC. ETC. ETC......Great write and a great song of verse.................................................................

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