Jim Yerman

Perspective - Poem by Jim Yerman

Yesterday the high in Florida was 73, you might say our weather was quite fair
We even turned the air conditioner on to take the humidity out of the air.

As we were enjoying this balmy day we heard some news that was displeasing.
Tomorrow, the weather man said, the temperature will be freezing.

As we were discussing how, in Florida, the temperature could dip so low
Bryan called from Asheville to say with the wind chill is 50 below.

It seems how we look at any news is always a bit subjective
Depending on the context, our attitude and perspective.

I remember many years ago I was nominated for a national award
When I came home from vacation to find a letter from their Board.

I snatched the letter once I saw it and opened it energetically
And then I read not everyone can win...not everyone meaning me.

As I was reading the disappointing news I noticed the light on our answering machine was on
I listened to find out Phil, a dear friend, had surgery while we were gone.

“They found cancer in his leg, ” Lee said (I could hear the anxiety in his wife)
“They had to amputate, ” she quivered, “in order to save his life.”

I dropped what I was doing and immediately took a drive
To the hospital where I found Lee and a one-legged Phil glad to be alive.

Gingerly I entered Phil’s room and when I got to his bedside
He smiled...we talked, we laughed, and occasionally we cried.

When visiting hours ended Lee stood up and wiped her tears
Then tried to kiss her husband; they’d been married 60 years.

But he had trouble leaning up and she was unstable on her feet
So I gently pushed their heads together and allowed their lips to meet.

As I took Lees arm and together we walked slowly to her car
She said “Sometimes we forget in life just how fortunate we are.”

We worry about so many little things as in life we try to strive
But the only thing that matters today is that Phil is still alive.

She smiled when we reached her car and she gave my cheek a kiss
And while I watched her drive away, that award...I didn’t miss.

That’s why I’m never too upset when things go wrong or the temperature is low
Because I learned a lesson about perspective in that parking lot years ago.

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