Petty Poem by Loretta Shively


Rating: 5.0

Single digits;
we're complaining
bout the cold and bout the snow.
Triple digits;
we're complaining
that we have no place to go
to escape the humid weather
that is pressing on us so.

Rainy weather;
we're complaining bout the mold,
and muddy ground.
When the summer's
dry and dusty,
and the grass completely browned,
We're complaining "it's so awful,
been the driest year around."

When the fridge
is overflowing,
we're complaining, "there's no room."
When the pantry
holds no pretzels,
we feel sudden hungry gloom.
When we go and pay for groceries
we complain of coming doom.

Doesn't matter
who's the leader,
we complain that he's in charge.
When we're looking
for the diamonds
we complain bout lithomarge.
As a group of human beings
we're complainers quite large!

When a friend
stops in to visit,
we complain they didn't stay.
When they stay a little longer
we just wish they'd go away.
Can't they see that we are busy?
why you gotta waste our day?

6 foot people
are complainers,
wishing they weren't quite so tall;
5 foot people
are complainers,
wishing they weren't quite so small.
Insecurities will aid us
in complaining, one and all.

When our friends do all the talking
we complain
"they don't have ears."
When they add no conversation
we complain of boring peers.
When we need some more attention
we complain
and summon tears.

We complain
when poems are lengthy,
"they are way too much to read! "
Still complaining at the short ones
that they didn't meet the need.
We complain when some opinions
with our own are not agreed.

When the price of fuel is rising
we complain and words are crappy.
When the price of fuel is decent,
that is when we're finally happy! !

Loretta Shively

Sunday, August 14, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: opinion,gasoline,weather,body,food
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